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Our farm

Our small, idyllic farm at 1,648 meters above sea level


We don’t use modern equipment like tractors – much manual labour is daily routine


The total area of our farm is 18 hectares. 5 hectares are mountain meadows, which are no longer cut and 9.20 ha of forest, partly protective forest with low growth.


The local area on a farm with 3.90 ha and 2.10 ha meadow are cut 2 times. Out of that we receive approximately 70 hay balls.

In summer there is a lot of work, we have to collect enough food stocks for our 5 to 6 cows and calves in order to have enough during the winter.

Every harvest is something unforgettable for the whole family. Also our guests are invited to help and to smell the fresh hay.


Our busy bees

In addition to the small agriculture we we also own an apiary. Around 50 bee colonies produce a delicious high quality honey from the nectar of mainly dandelions, blueberry, forest, raspberry, rose and the varied blooming alpine meadows. Hence, the honey is a mixture of various flowers and herbs.

From the end of June until the end of August there is plenty of work. Be there, if we take the filled honeycomb from the hives and hurling at our main house. Use this unique opportunity to learn some interesting facts about the bees and the beekeeping.


Alpine holiday in our valley Villgratental

No TV, no radio, no cell phone, no computer, no eclectricity - forget the daily stress and enjoy nature – this is Alpine holiday.


A stay in one of our 3 tweedy huts on the Unterstalleralm or on the famous Oberstalleralm is something special. There, you can easily slow down and re-arrange the senses again.

In the huts there is no electricity, therefore no electric light. In the kitchen, you will find a stove with whom you can cook an heat up the. For illumination, there are enough lighting kerosene lamps and candles.

Our huts are rented only in the summer, because in winter there is no access to the huts.

Especially our hut Gutwenger at the Unterstalleralm offers excellent opportunities for groups: Three separate residential units, a large common area on the first floor with plenty of space and a small playground for children. Above the hut, there is also a barbecue area with sufficient place for the whole group.


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